Question Bank - 28th Nov 2013

1. The President of India is elected by

a. The Parliament
b. The members of Loksabha, Rajya sabha and state legislative assemblies
c. The elected members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and state legislative assemblies.
d. The elected members of Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha and both the houses of state legislature.

2. Which of the following committees first recommended for providing constitutional status to Panchayati raj?

a. Balwanth Rai Mehta
b. Ashok Mehta
c. G V K Rao
d. L M Singhvi

3. Through which of the following amendments Right to Property was ceased to be a Fundamental Right?

a. 42nd
b. 44th
c. 52nd
d. 61st

4. Who of the following is empowered to create or abolish State Legislative Councils under the article 169 of the Constitution?

a. President
b. Cabinet
c. Parliament
d. State Assembly

5. Constitution amendment bill is introduced in the Parliament only on the prior recommendation of ?

a. President
b. Vice President
c. Finance Minister
d. None