HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY

November 14, 2013:

ü The government decided to restrict the subsidy on gas cylinder   at the rate 9 cylinders per year per family. In this mechanism it wants to link Aadhaar cards of the consumers to the gas company and to the banks. So that the subsidy can be deposited in the account. Hence before the delivery of the cylinder the agencies are collecting higher amounts then depositing in the bank at later periods.

ü Many consumers complain that they cannot pay huge amount initially because of their limited incomes. Even if they pay also majority of the consumers’ subsidy is not getting deposited in the bank in time as announced by the government. They are getting answer neither from the gas agency not from the bank.

ü Supreme Court ordered that Aadhar card should not be linked to this.

ü On November 13, 2013 the AP high Court expressed its anger and said ‘What is this nonsense’?

ü In the view of the above information comment.