ü  The central government is examining the possibility of a judicial probe into the Gujarat government’s alleged illegal snooping.

ü  The allegation is that the illegal snooping was conducted on the behest of then state Home Minister Amit Shah.

ü  A group of NGOs and women’s organizations petitioned the President for his interference.

ü  The President forwarded the same to the Ministry of Home affairs.

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party):

ü  The Election Commission of India recognized the AAP as a state party.

ü  This is announced by the EC on December 19, 2013 after the party fulfilling the eligibility conditions.

ü  The election symbol of AAP will be allotted to the party for all the candidates from now who contest on behalf of the AAP.


ü  The former IAS officer Sushma Sigh has been appointed as the new CIC (Chief Information Commissioner).

ü  The President administered the oath of office to the new CIC on December 19, 2013.

ü  The CIC is appointed by the President on the recommendation of a committees consisting of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha and the Law Minister.

ü  Sushma Singh is the 5th CIC.

ü  She is the 2nd woman to be appointed to the post.

ü  At present apart from the CIC there are 8 Information Commissioners.


ü  The government of Maharashtra rejected the report of a judicial commission of enquiry on Adarsh scam.

ü  The report indicted top politicians and also the former Chief Ministers of Maharashtra.

ü  It was a report of 2 member committee headed by justice J A Patil.

ü  Surprisingly the report also indicted Devyani Khobragade who is an Indian diplomat in US currently in the news because of ill treatment met to her in USA.

Anti-Gay Bill:

ü  The Uganda Parliament adopted a bill of Anti-gay.

ü  This is an anti-homosexuality bill and under this the repeated offenders are jailed for life.


ü  After prolonged demands from the LGBT community the central government filed a review petition in the Supreme Court with relation to the section 377 of Indian Penal Code.