The Supreme Court's former Judge A K Ganguly submitted resignation as the Chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) after resisting to do so for a long period of time. 

Hence the proceedings that are supposed to held against him by the  Supreme Court on Presidential reference is stopped. 

Is the matter be closed here or further procedure should be taken place to take action against him if proved guilty?

How the truth should surface?

Is Justice A K Ganguly a victim of conspiracy?

What is more important? Is it the stepping down of Justice Ganguly as the Chief of WBHRC or the truth should surface?

What do you think?

Note: Few days back we posted a think on Justice A K Ganguly. There we started with the statement that Justice A K Ganguly was indicted by the 3 member panel of Supreme Court. There was no remorse and resignation. Hence there I appreciated the comments that suggested for the resignation by the former Judge. 

I will appreciate if you can respond depending on the statement and what you are asked to write. The UPSC demands the answer which is related to the question and not (y)our personal opinion which is not the case in every question. 

Few students without understanding the same expressed their opinion with a balanced view on Justice A K Ganguly. I can understand their concern towards the former Judge. As a former Judge we all respect him. But the response was expected depending on the statement. I feel very sorry for them because instead of taking my suggestion in a positive manner they reacted in an unusual way which is not expected. You have a rapport with me if you have something to say you may meet me directly and clarify your doubts. If  any student feels that they are really extraordinary then you do not require me. Hence please do not resppond.

This is the time that a serious student should learn how to think and respond depending on the statement that is given. Irrespective of that if you keep expressing only those ideas that are there in the mind, what happens to the end result?

This is the learning stage and learn seriously and sincerely. 

Hence I hope before you answer think and respond cautiously.