• Under the provisions of the Articles 83 (2) and 172 (1) of the Constitution of India the duration of the House of the People and the state Legislative Assemblies respectively is 5 years. Hence the general elections (Lok Sabha and Assemblies) are conducted every 5 years.

  • In a Democracy, right to vote is a weapon in the hands of the people

  • But, there is a marginal turnout of the voters during these elections. 
     Think.......with cool mind...This is the election    year..

  • What are the reason for the poor turnout?

  • What do you suggest to make sure that there is a  significant turn out of the voters to take active part in the Democracy?

    Note: This point I am adding after a friend raised a doubt on this. This is only to avoid the confusion. The percentage of participation in some states may some times go up. But, it varies considerably from state to state. Our point is that, just like some other developed countries how can we in India promote for more and significant participation if not 100 percent. 


   Good Luck