Q: Who of the following are conferred the second highest civilian honour ‘Padma Vibhushan’ award for the year 2014?

1. Leander Paes and Pullele Gopichand

2. Ruskin Bond and Begum Parveen Sultana

3. B K S Iyengar and Dr. M A Mashelkar

4. Kamal Hasan and Prof Ashok Chakradhar

Q: Which of the following states in India registered the least Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) as per 2012 report?

Note: (IMR – Number of deaths of infants per 1000 (one thousand) live births)

1. Andhra Pradesh

2. Tamil Nadu

3. Karnataka

4. Kerala

Q: Which of the following states government decided to release the assassins of the late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi which led to huge controversy in February 2014 and the Supreme Court stayed the release of convicts?
1. Kerala

2. Karnataka

3. Tamil Nadu

4. Andhra Pradesh

Q: Which of the following is the first state in India to formulate de-addiction policy and promulgate law to prevent and eradicate evil practices such as human sacrifices and black magic?

1. Gujarat

2. Kerala

3. Karnataka

4. Maharashtra

Q: Which of the following two countries topped the list of lost racially intolerant nations according to 2013 World Value Survey on social attitudes in 80 countries over three decades?

1. South Africa and Jordan

2. India and Pakistan

3. Jordan and South Sudan

4. Jordan and India

Q: Which of the following portfolios is headed by Union Minister of State Shashi Tharur whose wife Sunanda Pushkar died with a strong conviction that her husband had extramarital affairs with a journalist from Pakistan?
1. Finance

2. External Affairs

3. Human Resource Development

4. Rural Development

Q: Which of the following countries in Asia took over India as largest resource Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of Nepal as per the data released in January 2014?

1. Russia

2. Japan

3. China

4. Pakistan

Q: Which of the following states bifurcation bill has been passed by the Parliament in February 2014 to create the 29th state of the Indian Union?

1. Karnataka

2. Andhra Pradesh

3. Maharashtra

4. West Bengal

Q: Who of the following was the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) was arrested by Indian Army in 1994 was sensationally released by the government of India in the year 1999 in exchange for 177 passengers of Indian Airlines flight IC-814 hijacked from Kathmandu to Kandahar (Afghanistan) now resurfaced in January 2014 and addressed supporters and said ‘Let us aim guns at India first”?

1. Yusuf Azhar

2. Maulana Masood Azhar

3. Afzal Guru

4. Ibrahim Athar

Q: Which of the following places is the biggest reservoir of endemic poliovirus in the World?

1. Kabul

2. Peshawar

3. Tehran

4. Dhaka

Q: Which of the following year is decided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) completely withdraw the notes as a security measure that were printed prior to?

1. 2001

2. 2005

3. 2007

4. 2010

Q: Who of the following personalities in India has maximum number (6 PhDs) of honorary doctorates in India?

1. Mamata Benerjee

2. Jayalalithaa

3. Mayawati

4. Shabana Azmi

Q:  According to the environmental research the world’s warming increased by 0.74 C percent between 1906 and 2005. Out of this 0.7 China, Russia, USA, UK, Germany and Brazil. Which of the following countries out of the seven nations is accounting more?

1. China

2. India

3. Russia

4. USA

Q: Who of the following cricketer conferred the CK Naidu Lifetime achievement award?

1. Sunil Gavskar

2. Gundappa Vishwanath

3. Sandeep Patil

4. Kapil Dev

Q: Who of the following awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award 2013 for his poetry book ‘Khara Zaran’?

1. R A Mashelkar

2. C N R Rao

3. Chinu Modi

4. Cyrus Mistry

Q: Which of the following is the India’s first gun for women that were manufactured by the Indian Ordnance factory, Kanpur and the smallest revolver made in India as a tribute to Delhi gang rape victim in December 2012?

1. Nirbhaya

2. Damini

3. Nirbheek

4. Nirmala

Q: Which of the following committees recommended for the setting up of Monitory Policy Committee (MPC) that will be headed by the RBI Governor and accountable for achieving inflation target set by it?

1. Raghram Rajan Committee

2. Rangarajan Committee

3. Tendulkar Committee

4. Urjit Patel Committee