(Did you go to a sea or an ocean? The waters rise and fall, move back and forth. These are the tides).

The tides are 2 types.

1.      Spring tides   (High tides)

2.      Neap tides (low tides).

ü  The tides are nothing but the rise and fall of the level of water in the seas and the oceans.

ü  The Sun and the moon both exert pull force on the earth.

ü  The tides are primarily a result of the attraction of the moon.

ü  The pull force is exerted on the water that is present on the earth and the water can easily rise.

ü  High tides occur every 12 ½ hours.

ü  In between two high tides occur two low tides.

ü  High tides occur when the tide producing forces of both the moon and the sun complement each other.

ü  These are called spring tides.

ü  The spring tides occur on full moon and new moon days.

ü  During this time the sun, the moon and the earth are in the straight line.

ü  The other types of tides are called neap tides.

ü  Neap tides occur when the pull forces of the sun and the moon neutralize each other.

ü  Neap tides occur during the 1st and the 3rd quarter of the moon.

ü  Perigean tides are stronger than the apogean tides. (Why?, Please think for a movement, Perigee means the moon is nearer to the earth and the pull force is more).