Q: Which of the following is the submarine that exploded and sank in Mumbai dockyard on February 26, 2014?

1. INS Sindhukirti
2. INS Sindhuvijay
3. INS Sindhurakshak
4. INS Sindhuratna

Q: Who was the Navy Admiral submitted the resignation after the explosion of the submarine in February 2014?

1. D. K Joshi
2. A. K Brown
3. Bikram Singh
4. Robin Dhawan

Q: In which of the following cities the first Post office ATM has been inaugurated in February 2014?

1. Mumbai
2. New Delhi
3. Chennai
4. Kolkata

Q: The Supreme Court issued a non bailable arrest warrant against Subrato Roy for the contempt of court. Which of the following group is headed by him?

1. Mahindra Group
2. Jindal group
3. Tata
4. Sahara Group

Q:  The new double-decker trains that are allotted to the Southern central Railways that are being introduced for the first time in Indian Railways are equipped with VESDA. The acronym VESDA stands for 

1. Vast area smoke defining alarming system
2. Verifiable entry smoke/fire detection with alarm system
3. Very early smoke/fire detection with alarm system
4. Very easily smoke/fire detection with alarm system

Q: What is the permissible election expenditure for the candidates contesting for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections respectively?

1. 40 lakhs and 16 lakhs
2. 40 lakhs and 25 lakhs
3. 50 lakhs and 25 lakhs
4. 70 lakhs and 28 lakhs


Q: According to TI (Transparency International) in corruption list of 2013 India ranks at 

1. 1st 
2. 74th
3. 94th
4. 100th 


Q: Which of the following country is ranked at first place (lowest corruption) in the corruption list of 2013 released by Transparency International?

1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
3. USA
4. Sweden

Q:  On which of the following countries the President of Russia declared the war to protect the citizens of Russia?

1. Mongolia
2. Romania
3. Estonia
4. Ukraine

Q: In which of the following states the President’s rule is imposed on March 1, 2014?

1. Karnataka
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Kerala
4. Andhra Pradesh