Q: Which of the following statements is/are true regarding the Professor C N R Rao?

A. He is a chemist who worked on solid state and structural Chemistry
B. He has been awarded ‘Bharata Ratna’
C. He is the current head of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Prime Minister

Chose the correct answer:

1. A and B
2. B and C
3. A and C
4. A, B and C

Q: In which of the following country the proposed  G-8 (A group of developed nations) summit of 2014 has been suspended?

1. France
2. Russia
3. Japan
4. Italy

Q: Which of the following courts in India asked the President of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) N. Srinivasan to step down to ensure fair enquiry into IPL betting scandal?

1. Delhi High Court
2. Madras High Court
3. Bombay High Court
4. Supreme Court 

Q: ‘Nirbheek’ (for women to defend themselves from assault) that is launched by Indian Ordnance Factory on March 25, 2014 is a

1. Spray
2. Revolver
3. Knife
4. Stick

Q: The winner of Pritzker Architecture Prize for the year 2014 (This is given to designers who have significantly contributed to humanity and for excellence in built work)

1. Shigeru Ban
2. Tyo Ito
3. Wang Shu
4. Eduardo Souto de Moura

Q: The Malaysian flight that got crashed into the Indian Ocean

1. MH 777
2. MH 377
3. MH 370
4. MH 730

Q: The strength of European Union is 28. Which is the latest country to become a member in EU?

1. Greece
2. Bulgaria
3. Malta
4. Croatia

Q: The current Chairperson of the CCI (Competition Commission of India, As in March 2014)?

1. Naveen Chawla
2. Ashok Chawla
3. Sushma Singh
4. Markendeya Katju

Q: Which is the underwater ballistic missile of type SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) that is code named as BO5?

1. K-4
2. K- 10
3. K -15
4. K -16

Q. The Chief Election Commissioner of India

1. S Y Quereshi
2. V S Sampath
3. Brahma
4. Kamalnath