Economic Geography:

ü  This is the study of distribution of various resources and activities.

ü  This is related to all the activities related to the production, Consumption and Distribution of various goods.

ü  The goods may be from the range of production of food grains to the industrial products.

ü  The economic activities are divided into

v  Primary

v  Secondary

v  Tertiary


v  Quaternary

Primary activities

ü  Primary activities are concerned with obtaining the products directly from the nature.

ü  They are hunting animals, production of fruits, fishing etc.

ü  The People who are involved in these primary activities are called Red-collar workers.

Secondary activities

ü  These are related to the value addition to the products of primary activities.

ü  The people who are involved in these activities are called Blue-collar workers.

Tertiary activities

  • More than production this is related to the services.

  • These people focus more on providing services.

  • The people involved in these activities are called pink-collar workers. 

Quaternary activities

These people focus more on administrative services.

They are called white-collar workers.

What is a resource?
These are the substances that are useful for the human beings are called resources.

ü  There are various types of resources.

v  Biotic :
§  These are the substances that are derived from the living beings.

§  Animals, fish are the examples.

v  A biotic
§  These are obtained from the non living things.
§  Land, water etc are the examples.

v  Renewable
§  These are the resources that can be created regulary.
§  Sun and the Wind are the examples.

v  Non-Renewable
§  The resources that cannot be created once they are used are the non renewable resources.
§  Coal, Petroleum etc are the examples.