A country in order to develop and to take care of the people has to focus mainly on certain areas which are related to the day to day life of the people in the respective country. India concentrated on many area like agriculture, milk production, oil seeds etc for a quite long period of the time and developed and developing certain areas and the process is unending. Let us hope and give our best that the nation achieves the required targets and let all the people in the country have a feeling of sharing and satisfaction. 

ü Green Revolution  -       Agriculture (Food Grains)

ü White Revolution -       Milk

ü Blue Revolution    -       Fish Production

ü Yellow Revolution        -       Oil Seeds

ü Black Revolution  -       Petroleum and Natural Gas

ü Silver Revolution  -       Eggs

ü Pink Revolution    -       Prawns

ü Golden Revolution        -       Fruits

ü Grey Revolution   -       Fertilizers

ü Brown Revolution – Non Conventional Energy