Q: Which of the following states is opposing the decision of the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) for inviting the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajpakse for the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi as the new Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014?

1. Kerala

2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Karnataka
4. Tamil Nadu

Q: Who of the following is appointed as the Central information Commissioner in May 2014 by the President of India?

1. Sushma Singh

2. Rajiv Mathur
3. Deepak Sandhu
4. A N Tiwari

Q: Which of the following two countries have signed an agreement for supplying the gas for a period of 30 years?

1. India and Iran

2. India and Pakistan
3. China and Pakistan
4. China and Russia

Q: In which of the following countries in the South-East Asia Army chief stages Coup?

1. Philippines

2. Thailand
3. Cambodia
4. Laos

Q: Which of the following countries is hosting the Foot Ball World Cup in the year 2014?

1. Argentina

2. Uruguay
3. Brazil
4. France

Q: In Which year NOTA (None of The Above Options) was introduced in the elections in India on the directions of the Supreme Court?

1. 2011

2. 2012
3. 2013
4. 2014

Q: Which of the following is the first state/UT to lay down comprehensive guidelines for prevention of child abuse?

1. Madhya Pradesh

2. Gujarat
3. New Delhi
4. Chandigarh

Q: In which of the following years the PIN (Postal Index Number) is introduced?

1. 1970

2. 1972
3. 1975
4. 1979

Q: Which of the following money is called Hot Money?

1. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

2. FII (Foreign Institutional Investment)
3. Loans given by World Bank
4. Loans given by other Nations

Q: Which of the following agencies respectively decide the monitory policy and fiscal policy in India?

1. RBI and Government of India

2. Government of India and the RBI
3. Both are decided by the RBI
4. Both decided by the Ministry of finance