ü NOTA: None of the above

ü FMD: Foot and Mouth Disease. This is an air borne disease. It is an infectious viral disease that affects the animals.

ü Kyaunggon was the old name of Rangoon

ü Times Square: It is located in New York. It is nickname as ‘Crossroads of the World’.

ü Dainik Jagaran is the news paper with the highest readership in the country and followed by Dainik Bhasker

ü BMI: Body Mass Index. If BMI exceeds 27.5 kg/m2 then people are considered to be obese. If BMI is equal to or greater than 35 kg/m2 it is morbid obesity. The BMI is calculated by dividing the person’s weight in kilograms with the square of height in meters. BMI = weight (in kgs) divided by Height2 (m2).


ü IVRS: Interactive Voice response System.

ü SMS: Short Messaging Service

ü PAN means Permanent Account Number.

ü The Madam Tussauds Museum is located in London. The wax models of historical and Royal figures, film stars, sport stars etc are displayed.

ü Escape velocity of earth 11.2 km per second.

ü Green Cars are those cars that run with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG (liquefied Petroleum Gas) and with electric engine.

ü Highest numbers of air ports are present in USA (15079).

ü Sir Robert Cheese Brow (1837 – 1933) is the inventor of Vaseline Petroleum gelly.

ü The life expectancy is lowest in Swaziland (32 years). Here more than 61 percent of the people die of AIDS every year. 


ü BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation. This is the world’s largest public broadcasting service.

ü In Radar system, Radio waves are used to locate the existence of an object.

ü As on November 12, 2013, three Chief Ministers are the members of the State Legislative Council (Upper House). They are Nitish Kumar (Bihar), Akilesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) and Prithviraj Chouhan (Maharashtra).

ü Sun Temple: This is located in Konark, Odisha. This is also known as Black Pagoda because of the black tint of the stone. The temple was built during the reign of King Narsimha Dev (1234 – 64).

ü Aruna: This is the name of the charioteer of the Sun God.

ü Smiling Buddha is the code name of the India’s 1st nuclear programme conducted in 1974 in Pokhran (Rajasthan). 


ü Operation Shakti is the name of Pokhran-II conducted by India May 11 and May 13, 1998.

ü   Lion was the National animal of India up to 1972.

ü Since 1972, National animal is Tiger.


ü National Animal: The magnificent tiger, (Panthera Tigris).

ü National Bird: The Indian peacock (Peafowl), (Pavo Cristatus).

ü National Flower: Lotus (Nelumbo Nucipera Gaertn).

ü National Tree: The Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis).

ü National Fruit: Mango (Manigifera Indica).

ü National River: Ganges

ü National Aquatic Animal: Gangetic Dolphin

ü National Reptile: King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna)

ü National Heritage Animal: Elephant (Elephas Maximus indicus)

ü The tenure of a service Chief (Army, Air Force and Navy) is 3 years or till the age of 62 years whichever is earlier.

ü  Air Force One (Rajdoot, Rajhans & Rajkamal) fleet. This is modeled on US Presidents Air Force One. Indian President traveled on Rajdoot to Assam.


ü  Bass Strait separates Tasmania from the South of the Australian mainland. 

ü The right of suffrage (Voting) for Lok sabha and assemblies is mentioned under Article 326 of the Indian Constitution. In the original Constitution the minimum age to vote was 21 and through 61st amendment in the year 1989 it was reduced to 18 years.

ü Yuri Gagarin (USSR) was the first Cosmonaut to go into space in the year 1961 in a space craft called Vostok-1.

ü Valentina Tereshkova (USSR) is the first woman to go into space in the year 1963. She travelled through Vostok-6.

ü  Neil Armstrong (US) along with Edwin Aldrin was the first to land on Moon on July 20, 1969. They travelled through Apollo-11(Eagle) landed on sea of Tranquility on Moon.

ü Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go into space in the year 1984. He went in a space craft called Soyuz T-11.


ü Kalpana Chawla died in the crash of space shuttle Columbia STS-107 on February 1, 2003.

ü India's 1st meteorological satellite METSAT renamed as Kalpana-1.

ü The Sankranti festival is the festival of the Sun god who is regarded as the symbol of divinity and wisdom.

ü The Sankranti marks the Sun’s transition from Dhanur rasi (Sagittarius) to Makara rasi (Capricorn). This also means that the Suns is on its northwards journey or Uttarayan bringing it closer to the northern hemisphere.

ü The Sankranti festival is called Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Lohri (Punjab), Bhogali Bihu (Assam).

ü Central Hindu College at Banaras was founded by Dr Annie Besant in the year 1898. It was developed into Banaras Hindu University by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.