ü Zero was invented by Unknown Indian.

ü Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is commonly known as Laughing gas.

ü National environmental engineering institute was established in Nagpur in the year 1958.

ü  WTO head Quarters Geneva, Switzerland. WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo.

ü TEMPLE TREES: This is the official residence of the President of Sri Lanka.

ü MNP (Mobile number Portability). MNP was first introduced in Haryana in the year 2010. On January 20, 2011 it was extended to the entire country.

ü The Wagah border lies on the Grand Trunk road connecting Amritsar and Lahore.

ü The towns of Baarle-Nassau in Netherlands and Baarle-Hertog in Belgium are so deeply intertwined that it is very common to find the white crosses the divide the 2 countries running through a road, a restaurant or even a house.

ü The citizens of Australia and New Zealand can work and live in either country without restrictions.

ü India shares open border policy with Nepal.

ü The smallest sea island ‘Market Island is shared by Sweden and Finland.

ü The Berlin wall that separated East and West Germany epitomized as the Iron Curtain, a boundary between the ‘Free World’ and the Communist World.

ü As per Schengen agreement one does not require any special travel documents to cross over to another European country.  

ü International Monitory Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or World Bank, both put together is called Bretton Woods twins.

ü International Monitory Fund and World Bank both Head quarters located in Washington. Both were set up in the year 1945

ü  PLUTO lost the status of a planet.

ü Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tensing Norgay (Nepal) called "Tiger of the snows", became the first men to scale Mt. Everest in 1953.

ü Zaid or Zayar is the term used for crop grown between the Rabi and Kharif crop.

ü India’s first satellite Aryabhatta (1975) and second satellite Bhaskara-I (1979) both were launched from Baikanour Comsodrome (USSR).

ü  Bhaskara-I was India’s first earth observations satellite.

ü  Geosynchronous orbit (36,000 km) is an earth orbit made by an artificial satellite moving west to east direction

ü The National Museum of Natural History was set up in the year 1772 in Madrid (Spain) is the first museum of its kind.

ü Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan-occupied Kashmir with xianjing in China. This is 800 km long.

ü June 5th World Environment day.

ü July 11th World population day.

ü RBI prints all currency notes except one rupee note and other coins.

ü One rupee note printed and coins are minted by the Ministry of Finance.

ü Note: The Ministry stopped printing the one rupee notes.

ü The highest currency denomination at present in India is Rs. 1000/- notes.

ü The maximum permissible denomination that RBI can issue Rs. 10,000/- notes.

ü The “Punganur’ cow is the World’s smallest breed (type, variety) of cows. This cow milk contains highest fat (8 percent) content and rich medicinal properties.

ü Normally cow milk contains 3 to 3.5 percent fat.

ü Bengal Gazette was the first major news paper started in India in 1780.

ü Liver is the largest gland in the human body.
ü In India between 1872 to 1931 caste based census was conducted.


ü After independence government conducted the caste based census for the 1st time in 2011.

ü MMTS - for Multi Model Transport System.

ü DHMU - for Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit.

ü IED - Improvised Explosive Devise

ü SaaS (Software as a Service) is an application hosted on a remote server and accessed through internet.

ü WIMAX (Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access) is a telecommunication technology that provides wireless data in various ways.

ü CLOUD COMPUTING is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services through internet.

ü Bing, Wolframalpha, Kosmix, Cuil are the names of various search engines.

ü Orkut, Face book, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn are the names of various Social networks.

ü Sulphuric Acid is the most important industrial chemical in the world. A most commonly used strong acid.USA is the largest producer of the same.

ü Satyajit ray and Latha Mangeshkar are the two persons who won both Bharat Ratna and Dada Sahib Phalke awards.

ü Indian institute of science is located in Bangalore.


ü China was the 1st country to introduce paper currency. Cowries shells were used by the Chinese as a medium of exchange.

ü Assam was called Kamrupa.

ü Paper industry started in China in 1 AD.

ü 12th FIVE YEAR PLAN period April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2017.

ü Kalapani and Susta is the dispute between India and Nepal.